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Identity theft is one of the most popular crimes today. According to Fox Business Network, there is a new identity theft victim reported every two seconds. Stop and think about that, do the math and that adds up to 120 people every minute, 7200 people every hour and 172,800 victims every day! That's a BIG problem...and unless we come together, unite and learn how to protect ourselves, the numbers will only increase by leaps and bounds.

Do you want to be a victim?

Do you know if you already are?

Given the various forms of identity theft, your personal information may already be in the wrong hands, just look at this frightening article concerning 
employment applications found in a dumpster!!


With a new year approaching, here are some tips for protecting your online more


Medical Identity Theft is becoming a growing concern. Don't let yourself fall prey by following these simple tips.


Have you heard the news? Now there is a consumer group offering FREE identity theft protection! Isn't that awesome. Head on over to this post for the details!


Are you a nonbeliever when it comes to the concept of identity theft? Do you think that your identity can NEVER be stolen? If so, you need to read this...


Do you have children? Are you unsure how to protect their credit profile from identity thieves? This article shares some of the facts about it.


Hackers and identity thieves will do just about anything when it comes to getting money,  and your personal information. This post highlights some identity theft and hacker stories from this past week.


The Internal Revenue Service is now releasing copies of fraudulent tax returns to people who have been victimized by tax identity theft. The process is not hard, just time consuming...Beware, you must follow the directions to a "T" or they won't release the return to more here


For those of you who may be struggling with any form of identity theft, I have published my first eBook on Amazon. The eBook has resources to help with data breaches, lost or stolen passports and criminal identity theft. Any and all constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.


The various forms of identity theft are criminal, medical, financial and governmental. There are pages here that explain the general concepts of each one along with tips that you can use to protect your information.

Criminal Identity Theft occurs when someone steals your birth date, social number and your name and then creates fake identification and commits crimes such as check fraud, theft, etc. When they get caught, they give law enforcement the fake more here

Medical Identity Theft happens when people use someone else's medical, dental or prescription cards to obtain medical services. A Ponemon Institute study on this subject shows that this could very well be the type of identity theft in which people actually know who has stolen their personal identifying information (because people willingly give family members and friends access to their medical cards) more here

Financial Identity Theft occurs when your personal identifying information is stolen through various means, such as computer hackers, dumpster diving, and vulnerabilities in e-commerce websites and the information is used to open new credit and mortgage accounts and the identity thieves rack up balances and don't pay them then the creditors come after more here

Governmental Identity Theft covers different topics in Tax Refund Fraud, which happens when thieves file tax returns using your social security number and Welfare Fraud which takes place when people apply for government benefits using an identity other than their more here

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