Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Phishing Down the Wrong River

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Phishing is a form of information gathering done by hackers. They try to get you to open a fake email or click a link that allows malicious software to be installed on your computer and the hackers can steal any and all information that is stored on your computer.

Study Finds People Still Don’t Get It

In a recent study by the Friedrich-Alexander University in Germany, that studied user reactions to fake emails and Facebook messages using a first name identifier, an embarrassing “56% of the email recipients and 38% of the Facebook message recipients clicked on the links…” and in the second phase of the study in which first name identifiers were removed, “only 20% of email recipients clicked through, while the percentage of Facebook users who clicked went up to 42%.”

Think Before Your Click..

If you use your work computer for personal business and you click a link or open an email from someone you don't know, you are putting your organization at risk. It takes a very short period of time for hackers infiltrate a network and steal company documents or other important information. Just look at what happened to the World Anti-Doping Agency. Its records were hacked and information was leaked about many Olympic athletes.

American Express customers have recently been victimized in a phishing scam related to a program they have been offering their customers. The hackers created an ALMOST PERFECT email  that redirected customers to a fake website and asked them for personal information including their AMEX card numbers, social security numbers and additional information.

Take Risks Carefully

MAKE SURE that you know the sender of Facebook Messages or email messages and if you don’t, don’t open them just to see what is inside. Do the RIGHT thing and delete them.

If you think you have been the victim of identity theft, visit the ITRC for assistance..

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