Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Who is MBS...and Why You Should Care

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Here We Go Again…

As if the Yahoo! Data breach wasn’t bad enough..this one may prove to be one of the worst data breaches yet.

This past weekend, data from Modern Business Solutions (MBS) was found on the Internet. Many of you probably don’t know MBS, but they may be storing your personal information.

MBS helps companies make money with the data from their customers and it is a very lucrative business at that.

What Happened..and it May Not Be Over

The number of records affected by this breach as yet to be fully compiled (so far the number is 58 billion, but it could reach as many as 258 billion. The entire database that was not secure on the MSB system contains 258 billion records, pretty scary if you ask me.

Protect Your Accounts

You can go to HaveIBeenPwned and check to see if any of your email addresses appear on the site. If they do, you need to change the passwords associated with accounts or possibly face more trouble ahead. The choice is ultimately yours.

Be Grateful To This Person

Reports say that the breach is the responsibility of a hacker only known by the Twitter name  @0x2Taylor who exposed data on a site called Mega this past weekend.

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