Monday, December 12, 2016

An Ounce of Precaution

Bid Farewell to Another Year

So, here we are ticking away the last few days of yet another year. Boy, time sure goes by fast, as i am sure you will agree. Just as time goes fast, so do hackers who are out to steal your identity.

Even though some of you may think that identity theft could never happen to, just will. On the other hand, for those of you how believe in “a pound of prevention is better than cure” can adopt these New Year’s Resolutions.

A Small Amount of Prevention

First, make a valiant effort to keep your passwords secure. If you don’t you may wind up in the pack of those folks who accounts get hacked in the coming year.

The most commonly hacked accounts are those with dictionary term or common name passwords. Yeah, I know blah, blah,blah. Over and over again we keep hearing that we need to use stronger passwords and it is so true.

According to a recent study by CBTNuggets, the top 10 common words found in passwords of hacked accounts were:

  • Love
  • Star
  • Girl
  • Angel
  • Rock
  • Miss
  • Hell
  • Mike
  • John

The study also states that passwords with elements of account usernames and first names such as Lisa, Amy, Mark and Scott were also high on the list of hackers.

Don’t Become One of Them

If you don't want to become part to next year's possibly 500 million account hack, try using a random password generator to create a strong password. There are several generators on the Internet that allow you to customize the elements of a random password.

Okay, Okay… I can tell that many of you are scowling at me right now...

Yes, I know...random passwords are harder to remember, but think about this, the easier you make your password, the easier it is for the hackers to get to your personal information.

For example, if you keep using easy passwords and you tell all of your friends on social media that you just got lucky and won &10,000 from a lottery ticket and that social media post was public and not just told the whole world!

And that whole world includes criminals that are monitoring social posts just like that and now they have your name and maybe your brother's name and the race is on…

It only takes 2 or 3 small pieces of information to be able to find other pieces of your identity and then WHAM! -- all of a sudden you can’t buy that fancy new for that long awaited vacation to the Caribbean because a thief opened credit accounts in your name and now your credit rating is in the toilet...YES IT CAN HAPPEN that fast.

A Password Solution

There are many companies that offer password storage and encryption services for free or a very nominal fee. Here are links to a few for you to check out.

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